Our Story

- How It All Began -

sisi's version

“I thought the first time I met TJ was a few years ago at a restaurant in North Raleigh that a mutual friend invited us to. I would later tell him this, only to learn that according to him we had actually met years before and he had a crush on me but never told me.  TJ and I had mutual friends and I’d see him at gatherings ALL the time.  I thought he was cute and funny, and I always thought he’d be the perfect fit for one of my friends.  Well one night, while at a gathering everyone was up dancing and he and I were sitting on the couch talking, out of nowhere a friend of his grabbed both of our hands and told us to dance, so we did.  I know it sounds super cliché, but that night we locked eyes and from that point forward I no longer looked at him as just a cool guy that would be a perfect fit for one of my friends, I started thinking…maybe he’d be a good fit for me.  I prayed about it seriously that night, specifically asking Jehovah to give me wisdom and to not read too much into things, maybe he was just a nice guy, maybe it was nothing, I was so unsure, one thing I knew for sure, I would NOT make the first move.  I told Jehovah, if he likes me, he’d have to tell me himself or make it undoubtedly obvious somehow, until then I’d play it cool.  The very next night I met up with a few of my girlfriends and one of them casually said, “girl TJ likes you! He told me last night, but don’t worry I told him you were nice to everyone so he shouldn’t read anything into it.” We laughed over it, but it was just the confirmation I needed.  We continued to see each other in group settings and one day he noticed my headlights were out.  He asked if he could change them for me and so it gave us a reason to text so we started texting and shortly after those texts turned into phone conversations.  One night while we were on the phone he revealed for the first time that he liked me.   He told me he noticed me years ago, and even recounted what I had on from head to toe.  I had to see if he was telling the truth so I scrolled through my phone because I knew I took pictures on the night he claimed to have met me.  Surprisingly, he was right about what I was wearing that day; he even remembered the shoes I had on!  I admired his attention to detail and I told him I liked him too.  We remained friends but agreed not to date officially until we both achieved some spiritual goals we had set.   Once those goals were met, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend March 23, 2018 and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.”


Tommy's version

“I first noticed Sisi at a friends house and from that moment I could not stop thinking about her. I even remember exactly what she had on. Not only was I nervous, but I was not in a position to date at the time, so I never said anything. As time went on we became friends and would talk from time to time. Every time I saw her I would say to myself “she is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen”. One night at a party Sisi and I were conversing and a mutual friend grabbed both of us by the hand so we could dance. We locked eyes while we were dancing and after that I just had to say something so I told her friend how I felt…and the rest is history”